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January 26, 2009


Justine J

Following this sermon on fasting, I did a one day fast to pray for the youth and young people, as suggested in the service. I drank just water from evening meal to evening meal.

Made me appreciate how fasting can make you focus on prayer and Jesus because, in my case at least, I was physically incapable of doing anything else. Felt so lethargic and nauseas [clearly a message there to cut down on usual caffeine consumption! :-) ]. Sadly I had a whole heap of housework to get through and a toddler to look after and I really struggled to get through the day through lack of energy.


Hey Justine!

Great that you had a go at it. Like you, I found it hard. I really struggled to get to 6pm on Friday. I prayed a lot more than nomral through the day. We are commending Ash Wednesday (Feb 24) as our next day of fasting.


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