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June 20, 2010



Once again, Bravo for telling it like it is.

I appreciated you sharing what social scientists have named as Moralistic Theraputic Deism, (MTD) now I can use a less clumsy vocabulary around this issue as described in the five points. Correctly you say it is rampant and no less in the Church. It's not "gentle, Jesus meek and mild" woosy stuff but Jesus, Lovingly Radical.
I noted also that the Bible uses the word "boldness" in describing the attitude of the Apostles and people preaching the Gospel. That boldness today would be described by those who uphold MTD as arrogant and rude because they filter it through their five points erroneous view of our Heavenly Father's redemptive plan.

You are leading well and it is showing in people's lives, thank you.

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